Which is the best disk analyzer software?

Before you even think about purchasing a disk analyzer, you need to ask yourself which disk analysis program is the best. There are plenty of them out there and most of them claim to do it all - from monitoring performance to assessing hard drive integrity. 

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Disk analyzers track and record information about different types of computer storage devices including hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), and more. The information that the analyzer records can include the type, quality, and quantity of the data stored on each disk, as well as usage patterns. 

The information that is collected allows for deeper analysis of individual users' storage devices or even entire system configurations from an individual perspective. Now that you have an idea of what a disk analyzer does and its uses, let’s discuss our recommendations for the best disk analyzers in 2022.

What is a Disk analyzer?

Disk Analyzer is the best disk analyzer for business users. It gives practical insights into the health of storage devices, including hard drives and solid state drives. Disk Analyzer's advanced reporting features allow IT professionals to understand how their systems are performing and where they can improve them.

Disk Analyzer can also be used by IT professionals to monitor the health of their systems through its extensive reporting capabilities. These reports provide a detailed overview of all types of data that are being stored on a system, including SSDs, hard drives, RAID arrays, and more. 

With Disk Analyzer's monitoring capabilities IT professionals can identify any potential issues before they become critical problems that need immediate attention. The report will provide detailed information about the type and severity of each problem so that an action plan can be formulated to address it effectively.

Which is the best disk analyzer for software?

In order to determine which disk analyzer is the best, you need to first ask yourself what level of detail you want. There are two main levels of detail when it comes to disk analyzers:

Performance: Performance disk analyzers can provide an overview of the overall health of the hard drive by showing how much data is being read from or written to it. This information can be used for troubleshooting purposes but also for making informed decisions about potential upgrades or replacements.

Integrity: Integrity disk analyzers provide more detailed information about the integrity of your hard drives and SSDs, including whether they have been damaged in any way. They will also show any potential problems with corruption or errors that could affect performance, such as bad sectors on a hard drive.

The type of data that each level collects varies between products; however, most offer some form of coverage across both aspects of performance and integrity.

The best disk analyzer for software is Windirstat, which has a free version that tracks up to 10 disks. It also offers a paid version that allows you to track up to 100 disks or hyperscale storage systems. The free version is limited in some ways and does not offer the same level of granularity as the paid version.

Windirstat also offers an enterprise version that gives you access to more advanced reporting features and higher levels of customization.

What is WinDirStat?

Windirstat is an open-source program that can be used to analyze the performance of a hard drive.

Windirstat is an open-source program that can be used to analyze the performance of a hard drive. This program is not specific to any operating system, but it does require Python and wxwidgets.

Windirstat was originally designed for Windows. Windirstat is one of many tools that can be used for analyzing disk usage on a computer. It has some features that make it more useful than other programs such as TreeSize Free or Filelight, but it also lacks some features such as being able to show the file system size or file name of each folder in the graph.

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How WinDirStat works?

WinDirStat, a freeware program for Windows, helps you do just that.

The program scans your hard drives and shows you a detailed summary of what's taking up space on your disk in the form of a colorful graphic. Each file type (MP3, ZIP, EXE, JPEG, etc.) is assigned a color in a collage of squares that are large or small, depending on how much space that file type is using.

Once you pinpoint the storage hogs, WinDirStat allows you to permanently delete the files from within the app.

Features of WinDirStat

List of detected file extensions, and the percentage of space each file extension takes up.

  • Each extension has its own color on the graphical map.
  • Is able to scan internal, external and networked drives.
  • Portable version besides the installer.
  • User-created clean-up jobs.
  • Send report via email.
  • Scan an individual folder or whole drive
  • Visualize the disk space in unique ways
  • It can configure data delete commands
  • It runs only on Windows
  • Shows treemap
  • Built-in cleanup options

Pros and cons of WinDirStat

There are many things that you’ll love about WinDirStat. But as with most software programs, it also has some downsides. We’ve listed them below:


  • It installs quickly.
  • It can support multiple file types of varying sizes.
  • You can freely choose what specific hard drive to scan. This is very useful if you have multiple drives on your PC.
  • It allows you to scan a single folder instead of the entire drive.
  • It allows you to easily delete files from a certain application folder.


  • It only works on Windows.
  • Scans often take time to complete.
  • It does not have a portable version.
  • You cannot save the scan results for later use.

What does a Disk Analyzer do?

A disk analyzer is a piece of software that checks drives for space and usage and explores files and folders visually, simplifying file cleanup and optimization. 

A disk analyzer is particularly useful for identifying old or unnecessary files or downloads so that you can remove them and free up space. A disk analyzer is a piece of software that checks drives for space and usage and explores files and folders visually, simplifying file cleanup and optimization.

This software assesses the size of each folder, subfolder, and file in a folder or drive and generally generates a graphical chart that reveals the disk usage distribution according to specific user benchmarks. It allows you to see exactly where the most space is being taken up so you can delete what you don't need.

A disk analyzer is particularly useful for identifying old or unnecessary files or downloads so that you can remove them and free up space.

How to check and analyze your PC’s disk space usage?

A simple and straightforward application, WinDirStat can either scan the entire hard disk or only some specific partitions for analyzing the disk usage. After the scan is done, the application displays the scanned locations in a hierarchical tree-like structure. The percentage of disk space taken up by the files is also shown.

That said, the signature feature of WinDirStat is called Treemap. Essentially, it shows the hard disk space consumed by different types of files (segregated on the basis of extensions) in the form of color-coded rectangles. The size of each colored rectangle is relative to how much space the file it’s associated with is taking up on the hard disk.

An interesting feature of WinDirStat is that it lets users execute advanced operations on files directly from the application. Users can open a command prompt at specified locations, right-click files to easily access the context menu, and more. 

It’s even possible to directly delete files from WinDirStat. The application is completely free to use.

How does a Disk Analyzer work?

A disk analyzer is particularly useful for identifying old or unnecessary files or downloads so that you can remove them and free up space.

This takes the intensive labor out of keeping disks free of unnecessary file clutter, including dupe files, obsolete registries, and more.

Traditionally, disk analyzers have been best suited for managing data on the types of solid-state drives (SSDs) found in tablet PCs. Now SSDs are also being used in laptops and Windows desktops in place of hard disks.

Because SSDs have a much smaller capacity than hard disks, the disk space optimization that disk analyzers provide is in high demand.


If I have to give the best disk analyzer software tag to any one of them, then WinDirStat deserves it the most. For regular users, you can use WinDirStat free version, WinDirStat is easy to use and functional.

You can download WinDirStat from its official website and it is absolutely free of cost.